College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Professional Curriculum in Veterinary Medicine

The professional curriculum seeks to deliver to the veterinary medical profession a student fully equipped to begin a medical career in the arts and sciences of animal health and disease. Emphasis on professional specialization is reserved for graduate programs.

Veterinary medicine encompasses the full scope of the technology of animal health and disease, including the sciences and arts of disease prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. The professional curriculum begins at the basic level and systematically moves to the clinically applied.

Graduates are qualified to formulate and implement programs for disease control and prevention in domestic farm animals, poultry, pet animals, zoo animals, fur-bearing animals, laboratory animals and wildlife. They are equipped to administer and advise in public health problems arising from intertransmission of diseases between humans and lower animals and are capable of performing animal disease regulatory duties for governmental agencies. They are also oriented for professional careers in the armed forces.

The degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is awarded to the student upon successful completion of the professional curriculum in veterinary medicine.