College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Preprofessional Course Requirements

The minimal number of college or university credits required for admission into the professional curriculum is 68 semester hours. Applicants must have completed or have in progress approximately 52 credit hours during the semester they make application. Because there is no specific degree associated with the preprofessional study plan, students are encouraged to pursue a specific degree program that meets his/her individual interest. To be eligible for the Bachelor of Science degree at Texas A&M University, certain requirements must be met (see University Core Curriculum requirements). We strongly encourage that courses be chosen with a counselor at the applicant’s institution, or through contact with an academic advisor at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University, (979) 862-1169.

The following areas of study are required as appropriate preprofessional course preparation:

Animal Science. Knowledge and experience in working with animals are critical to become a successful veterinarian. While the professional curriculum is almost totally devoted to the understanding of animals, animal contact, experience and handling should also be major considerations in the preveterinary training period. Applicants are expected to be familiar with animal systems and behavior. For those interested in food supply veterinary medicine, general agricultural knowledge should also be a consideration. To obtain this experience, applicants should either register for course work based on their background, interest and needs or involve themselves in practical animal operations. Formal training in animal systems and animal behavior is highly desirable and encouraged if available at the applicant’s institution.

The following courses are required as preparation for entry into the veterinary medical program. It is anticipated that highly motivated students will exceed these minimal course requirements.

Life Sciences Category
Credit Hours
Courses that Meet Requirements
General Biology with lab 4 BIOL 111
General Microbiology with lab 4 BIOL 351 or VTPB 405
Genetics 3 GENE 301 or GENE 320
Animal Nutrition
Feeds and Feeding
3 ANSC 318 or 320
NUTR 303 (ANSC 303)
Chemical/Physical Sciences and Mathematics Category
Credit Hours
Courses that Meet Requirements
Inorganic Chemistry with lab 8 CHEM 101 and 102
Organic Chemistry with lab 8 CHEM 227/228
Calculus or Statistics 3 MATH 131 or 142 or 151
STAT 301 or 302 or 303
Physics 8 PHYS 201 and 202
Biochemistry 5 BICH 410/411
Non-sciences Category
Credit Hours
Courses that Meet Requirements
Composition and Rhetoric 3 ENGL 104
Literature 3 Any 3-hour literature course
Communication 3 COMM 203 or 315 or 325
Technical Writing 3 ENGL 210 or 301


Additional Credits. In addition to the 58 credit hours required above, the applicant must complete a minimum of 12 additional credits. Applicants should keep in mind their degree program, the University Core Curriculum requirements for a baccalaureate degree from Texas A&M, and their personal career goals in making these choices. We strongly encourage that these choices be made in concert with a qualified counselor at the applicant’s institution.

Additional Preprofessional Course Recommendations

A required preprofessional course must have a final grade of C or better.

Students may take the preprofessional required courses at any accredited institution of higher education. However, the course must be equivalent in subject content and credits to its counterpart at Texas A&M University.

To be a qualified applicant, 52 semester hours of the preprofessional course requirements must be completed or in progress during the fall semester in which application is made. All preprofessional required courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester.

Formal Application

Applications are available online at after May 1 of each year and must be submitted on or before October 1 in order to receive consideration for the succeeding fall class. Additional application information may be obtained by calling the Dean’s Office at (979) 862-1169 or on the website

Grade Point Ratio

The applicant must have an overall grade point ratio of 2.90 or better or a 3.10 grade point ratio or better over the last 45 semester credits completed (A=4.0 grade points).

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Applicants must file a GRE score with Texas A&M University before September 30. Failure to do so may disqualify the applicant for consideration during the current cycle. Please refer to our website at for further information.

International and Cultural Diversity Requirement

Texas A&M University requires its students to meet an International and Cultural Diversity requirement as part of the University’s Core Curriculum. Meeting this requirement will require the careful selection of courses. The student is directed to University Core Curriculum, item 6 for detailed information regarding this requirement and also is encouraged to seek the advice of the student’s academic advisor.