School of Military Sciences

Commandant Lieutenant General (Ret.) John A. Van Alstyne USA, B.B.A., M.S., M.A.

The School of Military Sciences is composed of three departments: Aerospace Studies, Military Science and Naval Science.

All courses offered by the School of Military Sciences are accredited by the University. However, the credit granted for degree plans varies by college and often by department. For precise information, consult the associate dean or department head.

The University's commitment to providing highly skilled and disciplined leaders to the Armed Forces requires all students enrolled in ROTC programs at Texas A&M to be members of the Corps of Cadets.

Students not enrolled in an ROTC program may be permitted to take ROTC courses as electives with the advance approval of the professor of military science, the professor of aerospace studies, or the professor of naval science, as appropriate, and the concurrence of the head of the School of Military Sciences.

State law permits the substitution of 3 hours of history and 3 hours of political science for a student in the program of an approved senior ROTC unit. With the approval of the dean of the appropriate college, students successfully completing their required four semesters of upper-level ROTC curriculum will be deemed to have completed the equivalent of Political Science 206 or 207 plus History 105 or 106 (or another appropriate course) for a total of 6 hours.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts may not substitute upper-level ROTC courses for this requirement. Students pursuing teacher certification are not allowed to substitute ROTC credits for this requirement.