College of Education and Human Development

Curriculum in Agricultural Science
(Teaching Option)

Experiences provided in agricultural science prepare the graduate to direct a program of agricultural science as an integral part of the high school educational system or to function effectively in extension education. The teaching option in agricultural science provides a well-rounded education in areas involving teacher-student and teacher-community relationships, scientific agriculture and general education.

Courses involving teacher-student and teacher-community relationships offered in the agricultural science curriculum are educational psychology, secondary school teaching methods, principles of agricultural education, course building, methods of developing agricultural experience programs, preparation of instructional materials and student teaching in agricultural science and technology. These courses are designed to develop basic educational philosophies, methods of selecting problems to be taught, and methods of teaching in-school youth and adults involved in agriculture.

A minimum of 48 semester hours in scientific agriculture is required by the Texas Education Agency for teacher certification in agricultural science. This provides an opportunity for the graduate to have a knowledge of scientific agriculture that is essential for the successful teaching of agriculture. Master of Agriculture, Master of Education, Master of Science, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are also available to majors in agricultural education.

The curriculum is fortified by courses in English, history, political science, and natural, physical, behavioral and biological sciences. Courses in these subjects provide prospective teachers of agricultural science and technology with adequate academic and technical experiences needed to direct effective programs for youth and adults.

For further information, see the section on Agricultural Science under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Department of Agricultural Education administers the program in agricultural science. The department, in conjunction with the Department of Horticultural Sciences, also administers the certification program in vocational horticulture.